Teaching and learning have been Karen Gibson’s inspiration and core of her creativity, having jumped into the fray first as a teacher in Los Angeles for 4 years before moving to Portland for a degree in Graphic Design. Karen has worked as a freelance designer, worked as Creative Director at The Ashland Partnership (a holding company of numerous small businesses intent on raising its image while moving from catalog retailing to web based sales), before finally taking the entrepreneur plunge, forming Orange Creative Group (knitting a network of equally talented designers, illustrators, technicians and writers). Her work product ranges from design and art direction to web building. Clients often cite three primary reasons for retaining Karen: a blend of superb style with common sense; practical know how; and fierce attention to deadlines and budgets. Karen manages her design world while at the same time delighting in being wife to Adam and mother to 3 energetic kids. Just remember, everything is Orange with Karen... except her car, which was orange and is now gone... best not to ask her about this one, she’s still in mourning.